Lot #25 Fullblood SP Bull 1950 / Reg # 41720


Current bid: $11600.00

  • Start date: April 26, 2022 9:52 pm
  • End date: April 28, 2022 8:36 pm
  • Current bid : $11600.00
  • Published: April 26, 2022 9:58 pm


1950 is a Fullblood Registered South Poll Bull.  He is almost 3 years old (DOB 05-08-2019) and was born on our ranch. He is exclusively grass-fed. 

On 4/26/22, he weighed 934 lbs.  He weighed 55 lbs at birth.  We just finished using him this year as a heifer bull and would recommend him to someone looking for a heifer bull this year.   He was pulled from our heifers on 4/26/2022 (the day of this posting).  Last year we threw him in to the main breeding herd as a 22-month-old bull to keep the herd sire motivated.  He sired seven nice looking calves.  We are selling him as there has been a lot of people looking for bulls.  Our plan was to sell this bull in our annual fall sale, but since the heifers look to be bred at this point and we still have another bull with them for a few more days, we are making him available for purchase at this time.

We bought 1950’s dam from Teddy Gentry of Bent Tree Farms (the originator of South Polls).  She has been a good cow for us.   We are currently raising her 2021 calf – a half-brother to 1950 – as a bull that we will either use or sell in the future.

1950’s sire, Bulldog, is a really nice quality bull that descends from the Broadway line. 

1950 has been tested and is negative for BVD PI.  He, along with all our bulls we are using this year, was tested for Trichomoniasis (Trich).  Every bull came back negative, including his negative result on 3/9/22.  Having pulled 1950 from the heifers on 4/26/22, a new trich test was performed the same day.  Results are pending, but we have no reason to expect anything other than a negative result as he was negative going in on virgin heifers and was not exposed to any other cattle.  He will be available for pickup pending the negative result which we hope to have early next week.

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An View [41720, 40340] (livestockgenetics.net)